Ventless Portable Air Conditioners: Will They Really Cool You Down?

Why does a ventless portable Air Conditioner need an exhaust fan hose?

A ventless portable air conditioner has to discharge the hot air it creates to outside via an exhaust vent and hose.

Ventless Portable Air Conditioners: do they exist?

You’ve no doubt also heard of portable or free-standing air cooling units that don’t need an exhaust hose to be trailed outside and perhaps you are thinking they are a great appliance when it comes to cooling your home or room. Unfortunately, a true AC device must discharge the hot air it creates to the outside through an exhaust vent and hose and will simply not cool the air if this is not done!

When you hear stories about this type of cooling system, the authors or marketers are simply referring to an evaporative cooler, which does not require a vent because it produces no hot air! People tend to confuse these with real air conditioners, and this misunderstanding is what is tricking many people into believing that if they buy an evaporative air cooler they are actually buying a ventless portable air conditioner which is very different.

If you ask every big retail store how many evaporative coolers are returned because a dissatisfied consumer mistook it for an air conditioner, the response would astound you. The most common reasons for returns are that “The unit doesn’t cool the room,” or simply that “It doesn’t work.”

This is not due to a fault in the operation of the evaporative cooling device. Simply put, through misleading advertising, the consumer was led to believe they were purchasing an air conditioner!

This is not a vent less portable air conditioner.

There is no such thing as an unvented air conditioning system without an external hose!

Why does a portable air conditioner need an exhaust vent hose?

Both air conditioning units that use the refrigeration method to cool the air (and that includes all) generate a lot of hot air and excessive moisture.  That is what must be removed from the room being cooled by the system, or the room itself will heat up over time.

The exhaust vent hose is generally placed through a window to outside where the hot air is released. They do not have any external device or unit outside the room or property that they are required to be connected to, because if they did, they would no longer be a portable air conditioner.

They use a flexible plastic vent hose to expel the hot air from the building. It can be hanging out a window or attached to a window fixing device, which looks a lot better but does the same job.

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