Shuttered Wall Mounted Exhaust Fans

A shuttered wall mounted exhaust fan is a great way to improve air quality and temperature regulation by removing airborne particles, excess moisture, unpleasant pet odors, and unwanted allergens. These wall-mount exhaust fans can also be useful for improving ventilation in your garage home or workshop. But first, it’s important to narrow down the options available in order to choose the best wall-mount exhaust fan for your needs. Keep reading wall mount exhaust fan specs of the best we could find.

What is so amazing about Shuttered Wall Mount Exhaust Fans?

The shuttered exhaust fan is effective for your garage, loft, kitchen coop, attic, kitchen, or greenhouse. The fan weighs only 5-6 pounds and very easy to install and carry. You can install the shuttered wall-mounted exhaust fan on the window opening or add it to the wall for better performance. These mounted fans are automatic gravity shutters that close or open based on fan operation.

Prevent mold and mildew growth

Shutter-mounted exhaust fans help you to prevent mildew and Mold, remove stale air from garage, rooms, sheds, and closed workspaces. These shutter-mounted fans are installed from inside the wall and are equipped with fully enclosed direct drive motors.

Aluminum Shutters

High-quality aluminum shutters can withstand moisture and heat longer, preventing rust formation and corrosion. The best commercial exhaust vent fan comes with a permanently lubricated motor that prevents problems caused by friction and heavy use, ensuring smooth operation and constant speed. The efficiency and power provided by the shutter exhaust vent fan are amazing. The heat-resistant motor ensures easy maintenance and is completely enclosed … so you can use the exhaust fan in other places like the barn, attic, and garage, etc.

Airflow capability

Airflow for all exhaust fans is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), which tells us how many cubic feet of air is being moved per minute. The airflow for small exhaust fans is around 30-50, while for larger models, it is between 200 and 300. To find the minimum airflow you need for your kitchen, or garage multiply the square footage space by the height and divide by 7. 5 for the best CFM rating. Or, to put it simply, a 50 square foot space would require 50 cubic feet per minute.

So, when choosing a Shuttered Wall Mount Exhaust Fan, be sure to check the specs and purpose of installation; it will help you make the best choice.

VES 24″ Exhaust Shutter Fan, Wall Mount

VES 24" Exhaust Shutter Fan, Wall Mount
VES 24″ Exhaust Shutter Fan, Wall Mount
  • A more cost effective option than an airconditioner, this shutter/exhaust fan is great at cooling your attic, bedroom or garage. Installation is relatively simple as it can be added to a window opening or an opening in the wall.
  • This system is an industrial grade shutter fan which powerfully cools the air whilst at the same time removes hot stale air from the room.
  • The aluminium shutters used in this exhaust fan are made usign corrosion resistant aluminium and prevents it from rust.
  • The best news is there is no assembly, the can comes already assembled so no electrician needed.

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