Top 5 Energy Efficient Space Heaters in 2021

When the wind whispers through the trees and we pedestrians clutch coats tighter around ourselves as we hurry home through the night, the last thing any of us want is to be greeted by cold rooms and freezing tiles. This, however, is frequently the harsh reality – negligible insulation and sky-high electricity bills from blasting the air conditioning. With an energy efficient space heater, cold floors can be toasty warm, and drafty rooms can become cozy. The efficient use of energy reduces your expense and makes keeping warm through harsh winters feasible for everyone.

As is often the case with good products, alongside the good ones are sold bad ones, and wolves in sheep’s clothing are not accommodating in revealing themselves. For the average Joe, just trying to find a good space heater, even assuming he’s only looking at good products, knowing which one is best suited to his needs is difficult. In this article we’ll tackle how to eliminate the bad based on set criteria that will help you decide which space heater is right for you, as well as discuss the 5 best energy efficient space heaters selling commercially today.

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What Should I Look For When Buying Energy Efficient Space Heaters?

In addition to the basic expectation that your space heater produce heat, other considerations enter into your decision-making process. For instance, indoor or outdoor? Some space heaters have internal combustion, making them inappropriate for indoor use as they release toxic gas as by-products, only harmful in contained, concentrated doses. Portable or stationary? A portable space heater can be very convenient when you tend to move a lot between rooms, while a larger, less mobile space heater is ideal for warming up a larger space.

While these are only a few questions to consider when it comes to determining which space heater is right for you, the essential criteria boil down to 6 things – cost, function, appearance, certification, warranty, and ratings.

#1. Cost: The price always has a part to play in the decision-making process. Some products fall within the budget and some don’t, and it’s helpful to know from the get-go what your limit is. In other words, how much are you willing to spend not to be cold?

#2. Function: This includes questions like portable or stationary, and essentially refers to all the individual aspects of the space heater. While two space heaters might both be great, one will suit your needs more than the other. The first step is identifying how you want to use your energy-saving space heater. The next, identifying which of the space heaters most addresses your needs based on your desired use.

#3. Appearance: If your space heater is going to be hanging around a lot during the cold season, you might care about it looking nice with your space. This criterion is going to be more important for some than others, but your goal is to decide how much it matters to you and how much you’re willing to spend on appearance.

#4. Certification: For the true energy-saving space heaters, they will be marked, usually with a UL sticker, identifying them as meeting the official standard for energy conservation and efficient energy use.

#5. Warranty: While you never buy hoping to use this, the warranty is an easy way to see how long a company believes its product will last and how long they’re willing to vouch for quality performance.

#6. Ratings: Of all the criteria, the ratings give us the most complete picture of how a product operates in the real world and all the little peculiarities that wouldn’t have made it into the official portfolio. While all the other aspects are based on how the company wants its product to perform, the ratings tell us how the product actually performs.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the 5 Best Energy Efficient Space Heaters

I compiled a list of all the top selling energy efficient space heaters available on the market, and then I researched each one thoroughly, trimming down the ranks based on price, function, appearance, warranty, and ratings. If the product wasn’t certified for energy efficiency, it was immediately cut. If the space heater fell short in one of the other categories, it was saved or damned based on a comparative basis. Finally, I was left with the top five highest-scoring energy efficient space heaters which I’ve identified and detailed for you below. Keep in mind that these five are not in competition amongst themselves but serve to satisfy different priorities. While one person might find the aesthetic important, another might need his space heater to be portable.

#1: Lasko 751320 Space Heater Tower (Best Value – All-Purpose)

The Lasko 751320 is a black and grey tower with a ceramic element for efficient heating. Measuring in at 23 inches tall, the Lasko is an unobtrusive addition to the room, effectively keeping you warm through even the harshest weather. Calibrated for a medium to large space, the Lasko can warm up to 300 square feet, making it ideal for use in different areas of the house. With a small handle on the back, moving this space heater is easy, so that you don’t need to feel trapped in the only warm room!

The Lasko Energy Efficient Space Heater Tower has two heat settings, one for low power at 900W and a high with 1500W. This is a handy feature that allows you to conserve energy based on the needs of the space. With preprogrammed safety features like overheat protection, which means that if items are placed too close to the space heater and it begins to overheat, it will turn itself off, and cool-touch housing for the more curious pets and toddlers, the Lasko is a helpful and safe heating tool around the home.

Using and setting up your Lasko is easy. With an automatic-off timer and a manually adjustable thermostat, you can sleep easy knowing that your space heater won’t burn the house down and that it is heating at just the right temperature for maximum comfort. With slow, methodical oscillations, the Lasko Space Heater uses the minimum energy necessary to effectively heat your room. The seven-hour timer function allows you to plan ahead – if you want the house warm in 4 hours, you can program the Lasko to turn on three and a half hours before, so that when you arrive home everything is toasty warm. Just position it close enough to a power outlet for the cord to plug in, and tell it what you want. It’ll do the rest.

Functioning on convective heating, these space heaters can hold their heat for longer using less energy, saving your bills and your health at the same time. With the remote control, you can adjust the temperature from the couch and rest easy knowing that the Lasko is ETL listed, which means that it is certified for energy efficiency.

As space heaters vary widely in price, the Lasko is an affordable model that falls roughly in the middle of the price range, making it the most quality energy efficient space heater in its price bracket and providing you with the most value for your money. A company based and operating in the US, Lasko offers a three year warranty, covering their product in case of malware. Additionally, contacting the customer service is made easy due to the locality, an appealing notion in a world where you frequently find yourself on hold with China for an hour and a half before your call is dropped and you have to start over (true story).

The Lasko Ceramic Space Heater was widely reviewed, with many comments on the quality of the purchase. Of the written complaints, some people said that they had an issue with the remote, and others said that the fan was loud. However, most consumers seemed to have no issues and were completely satisfied, as well as saying that they would recommend it to friends and family.

For those looking for an effective way to stay warm during the winter at a relatively affordable price, the Lasko Energy Efficient Space Heater is a great buy and the right space heater for your heating needs.

#2: De’Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater (Best for Large Spaces)

The De’Longhi Oil Filled Space Heater is the largest space heater on this list, making it the most effective for big spaces. While this also makes it the heaviest, the De’Longhi is only the size of a small suitcase, and with sturdy wheels, is easy to move around and reposition. Available in either black or light grey, the De’Longhi maximizes its heating capability and efficiency with a patented chimney design and larger fins, meaning that heat distribution is easy and more effective, as well as with a lower surface temperature, thereby rendering the whole unit safer to the touch.

Offering three heat settings – low, high, and ECO – the De’Longhi is adaptable to every space and is programmable 24 hours ahead of time. This is really convenient, as instead of having to program late at night so that it will be ready in the morning, you can program this space heater at any time for maximum comfort. The interface for the De’Longhi is the most user-friendly – simple, streamlined, and easy to use. Also, the general design and set up of the De’Longhi Space Heater just looks nice, always a plus for an object that has to sit in the middle of every room.

Built with all the safety mechanisms like automatic power cut off when overheating and internal temperature regulation, this is a space heater you can trust literally with your eyes closed – while you’re sleeping. ETL certified to be energy efficient, the De’Longhi has radiant heating, which is a more efficient form of heating than convection, and requires no substance input like water or other liquid. Additionally, radiant heating does not use a fan or some other system to project heat, making this an incredibly quiet system and one ideal for the person irritated by repetitive noises late at night when all sound is magnified.

Only requiring a plug, the De’Longhi is a one-time purchase that needs no maintenance and is made to address a need, not to create more frustration. On the pricier side of the scale, the De’Longhi is still very affordable, and with a significant but small money expenditure, you and your housemates can stay warm through the cold months and skip the flu season. The De’Longhi company offers a three year warranty so that you can feel confident in your purchase.

The De’Longhi truly has stellar reviews, with many comments on how well it works, how much heat it exudes, and how quiet it is. Other than an occasional subtle click turning on or turning off the heat generator, this space heater makes no noise, and most people were blown away by its simple functionality, providing exactly what they wanted it to.

For the person able to spend a little extra on a great, dependable, aesthetically nice, and convenient space heater, the De’Longhi Energy Efficient Space Heater is ideal for you.

#3: Taotronics 1500W Fast Heating Ceramic Tower (Best Aesthetic)

The Taotronics is a return to the original style of space heater that we saw with the Lasko. Slightly smaller, measuring at 18 inches tall, the Taotronics Space Heater is white with a modern finish. Instead of the metal panels featured in the De’Longhi design, the Taotronics has a white body with a metal mesh, allowing the heat to radiate out through the front of the space heater. With ceramic heating elements, the Taotronics heats up within 3 seconds, so that you have no wait time to feeling warm and cozy.

Like the Lasko, the Taotronics has a small handle on the back, making it easy to move between rooms. It has three power mode settings – low, high, and ECO. The low setting works at 900W, minimizing your power usage. High works at 1500W for those nights where ice is sprouting from the porch roof and ECO automatically adjusts between low and high to maintain the temperature at 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the 5 temperature settings make this ideal for a range of conditions, from mild to severe cold snaps.

Semi portable, the Taotronics Space Heater has 65 degree oscillation, allowing it to effectively disperse heat to the room and not overheat one specific area. With tip-over protection in case pets or kids are too rambunctious, your house is safe from accidents. The overheating protection is nifty, allowing you to trust that it will turn itself off if necessary due to getting too hot. No need to worry about leaving it on by accident, the Taotronics has an automatic shut-off after 12 hours, sparing your electric bills from unnecessary strain. The Taotronics Space Heater comes with additional small conveniences like a remote control and a nicely organized LED display, making the whole thing easy to use.

The Taotronics is slightly more expensive than the Lasko due to its nicer aesthetic, but well beneath the De’Longhi, placing it in the space of middling price. With its ETL certification, you can rest assured that Taotronics is saving you energy and well worth the slight price hike. With a standard 1 year warranty policy, this space heater will keep you warm through the winter, and many to come.

Reviewers had very positive things to say about the Taotronics – mostly that it is a great little heater that really works and that it doesn’t make too much noise. For those looking for a stress-free buy, that looks nice in the corner and gets the job done, this is the perfect energy efficient space heater for you.

#4: Honeywell 360 Degree Surround Heater (Best Low-Cost)

The Honeywell is fittingly named – it really is a small pot of golden warmth. Representing a whole class of mini space heaters, the Honeywell is a portable heater, weighing in at 3 lbs., and is made for easy moving between rooms. With a comfortable handle on top of the squat, rounded, charcoal grey body, the Honeywell Surround Heater is a petite, convenient addition to any home space. The Honeywell is shaped like a small cylinder, and the interface consists of two knobs allowing you to adjust from low to high power, and the desired temperature.

A much simpler design than the previously detailed models, the Honeywell, despite its deceivingly unimpressive exterior, is nevertheless a great space heater. Powered through the electric socket, the Honeywell has a fan that disseminates its heat, making it an effective little space heater saving on your energy bills. Coming with all the necessary safety features like tip over protection, overheating automatic shut down, and auto-shutoff for being left on indefinitely, the Honeywell can handle all sorts of accidents and still take it on the chin.

Meant for a small space, the Honeywell amps up to 1500W and uses ceramic technology to make sure that the space gets nice and warm very quickly. In terms of effectiveness and safety, the Honeywell is certified by UL, which is the third-party that sets industry standards internationally and is the bar that everyone else uses including ETL.

This mini energy efficient space heater is priced affordably, so for those on a budget or who simply live in a smaller space, this is an ideal buy. That said, in no way is this a sacrifice to quality.

The Honeywell Space heater not only has incredible reviews but is also guaranteed under a three year warranty, demonstrating both the company’s faith in their product and insuring satisfying usage. I highly recommend this small guy as a great solution to cold rooms on cold days.

#5: Aikoper Space Heater (Best Instant Ready)

The Aikoper is one of our bigger, Lasko looking models, a small tower made to heat up the room through oscillations and fanning the emitted heat, dispersing it evenly throughout the room. With the structure and style of a speaker, the Aikoper is black and slim, measuring 24 inches tall, and modeling a mesh front section that projects the heat outwards. Semi portable, the Aikoper has a handle on the back, great for making small adjustments in its positioning around the room or house. Weighing approximately 8 lbs., the Aikoper is easy to take with you, as you move from room to room.

Conveniently, the Aikoper has a timer length of 8 hours, so that your space heater can be programmed to turn off and on in time to keep you and your family warm as you come home or wake up in the mornings. With a remote control, there’s no need to leave your safe bed until the cold has been vanquished. The tip-over safety removes the worry of small humans or pets tipping the space heater over and inadvertently burning the house down. Finally, the Aikoper also comes with overheat protection, in case objects are placed too close, once again automatically shutting off and saving the house from unwanted fires.

With ceramic technology and convection heating, the Aikoper is quick at ramping up the heat in the surrounding space. The three power settings – low, which blasts at 900W; high, going at 1500W; and ECO, which switches between the two based on need – are perfectly suited to quickly adjusting the temperature without wasting energy. A small perk is the included batteries for your energy efficient space heater’s remote, meaning that this can all be raring to go as soon as the package arrives.

Affordably priced, the Aikoper is also one of the middling price space heater models. With its ETL certification and one year warranty, the Aikoper space heater is a reasonable buy for anyone who just wants to take everything out of the box and immediately put it to use, instead of running to the store for batteries. With good reviews, the Aikoper was rated highly and judged to be a nice addition to anyone’s home.

Budget Options

Frequently tempting but not always advisable, the budget options are always the ones where the prices are significantly lower which can be very disconcerting when you wonder what’s been sacrificed so that the seller can still turn a profit. The quality perhaps? Or the materials? The above-listed models are not expensive. Almost all are so affordable as to make the idea of getting something cheaper almost ludicrous. However, for those who are really watching their spending during tough times, I’ve found a couple of budget-safe options that are consumer tested for positive results. In this case, buying cheaper is a little less risky because it’s mostly clear what has been compromised to go cheaper – mainly size, which does affect its effectiveness in heating larger spaces. For those who take this into consideration, the following models are ideal budget options.

#1 Budget: Andily Portable Space Heater

The Andily Space Heater is a small guy that weighs approximately three pounds, is 8 inches tall, and is available in three colors – black, grey, or white. Heating up within two seconds, the Andily has two knobs on top for adjusting temperature and fan and has a front ventilation and heat radiation zone. High heat is 1500W, and low heat is 750W, giving more options in terms of how much energy you’re willing to use per day.

ETL listed and with safety functions like tip over shut down and automatic overheat stop, the Andily is safe for you and your home. Super cheap, the Andily got good reviews, with people saying they were surprised by how effective it was. For those on a tight budget, this is a nice option for energy efficient space heating.

#2 Budget: BLACK + DECKER

The Black + Decker Electric Heater is 9 inches tall and black, closely resembling a small fan in design. With small digital controls on the top of the Black + Decker, the space heater is easy to use and easy to set to the desired temperature. A small handle on the back and the light 2.3 lbs. make moving this heater a breeze.

While the Andily received slightly better reviews in terms of function, the Black + Decker provides a year’s warranty policy, whereas the Andily promises none. An important consideration when buying something, the warranty is significant both in knowing how much support you can expect and also how long the company thinks it’s worth their while to take the risk of product failure.

With a low power setting at 1000W and a high power setting at 1500W, the Black + Decker Space Heater is effective and is listed under ETL as conforming to UL guidelines. Reviewers said that the heater itself worked well, but that the fan and the buttons were loud. Nevertheless, a powerful little machine, for budgeters, this is a reasonably good buy.

Convection vs Radiant – What Do They Mean?

When looking for the ideal equipment for your home, there are frequently terms bandied about that have no explanation. Convection heating and radiant heating are both ubiquitous processes referring to the transfer of heat, but in order to make a valuable comparison between convection and radiant, let’s delve a little further into both processes to improve our understanding and clarify essential differences.

Convection Heating

Convection heating is a heat transfer through gas or liquid from one object to another. This always involves the gas or liquid that is hotter moving to a place that is cooler, thus warming the cooler area.

In everyday life, I’m sure many of you have heard the popular phrase “heat rises.” This is technically incorrect. Heat does not rise, cold sinks, resulting in a heat displacement, and forcing the heat to occupy where the cold previously did.

In normal terms, cold is heavier than heat because it’s denser, and so convection functions based on these physical attributes. As the air warms inside the radiator, the cold air sinks and forces it out of position, thus causing the hot air to circulate and warming up your space. This process is hurried by the internal fans that are often built into convection designs, forcing the air to circulate faster and thus accomplishing this process in a shorter period of time.

Radiant Heating

Conversely, while convection depends on a heated substance moving from hot to cold zones, radiant heat does not require any substance to disperse heat. Instead, radiant heating is the exchange of one object’s energy – in the form of heat – directly to another. This is accomplished by photons (particles of light) moving from one object to another, carrying with them their own internal energy. As the photons collide with the foreign object, the energy gets translated into heat energy, thus warming the foreign entity.

In other words, picture yourself throwing balls at a brick wall. You throw super fast and in throwing, give the ball energy. When it collides with the wall, the bang and the dirt that gets knocked off is the equivalent of the heat that is produced when photons collide. This collision process continues endlessly at a microscopically cosmic level, even after the temperatures are the same, but once they are the same, you cease to notice it. When you’re warm and you step outside on a freezing day, you feel the temperature change. When you step into another warm room, you feel no difference. In both cases, a photonic energy exchange is happening in the form of heat, but in one you detect it because the energies are different, and in the other you do not.

In a radiator, radiant heat simply means that energy is being transmuted directly to the photons, and their energy causes them to rock out of the radiator and collide with the air particles around them, sharing and dispersing heat literally at the speed of light.

Essential Differences

The main difference between convection and radiant heating is that convection transmits heat through a substance, while radiant does it through light particles. This means that a convection space heater will only interact and warm up the air in the room, while the radiant space heater warms up objects too. The convection-warmed air will of course interact with everything and slowly warm up objects through natural particulate interaction, however, the radiant heater will accomplish this much more directly.

Verdict: Your Best Energy Efficient Space Heater 

If you’re looking for a good energy-saving space heater at a reasonable price, the Lasko 751320 is nice, efficient, and unobtrusive.

If you want maximum heating capability and have a larger living space, the De’Longhi Radiator Space Heater is perfect for you as the one most optimized for larger spaces.

If you want to cut costs or only need to warm a small space, the Honeywell 360 Degree Surround Heater is a great space heater that works super well and is highly rated for its performance in the consumer sphere.

I hope that this article has helped bring you clarity in your search. Stay safe and stay warm!

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